Creating Different Tile Layouts

In Whizzimo, there is only one blackboard.

However, there are two activities that allow for customization based on the workbook you're in:

1. The Workbook Tiles activity allows you to select which tiles you want to appear in each workbook.  The tiles location is still based on the Blackboard, so you're essentially selecting a subset of your tiles that you want to appear in the Workbook Tiles activity in each workbook.

2. The Mini Tiles activity allows you to select tiles that will appear in a row.  You can also have different Mini Tile layouts in each workbook.

Video on the Workbook Tiles Activity

Video on the Mini Tiles Activity

Two Limitations of Tile Layouts:

  1. You are unable to have different layouts with different tile colors.  You will need two different Whizzimo accounts registered to different email addresses if you need this functionality.
  2. You are unable to have more than one of a letter in any tile layout.  However, you can drag a tile as many times as you'd like to the "word builder" area.


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