Remote Tutoring Basics with

In order to tutor remotely with Whizzimo you will need to have a screen sharing program and a way to share mouse control. We recommend for this. We do not have a partnership with Zoom but we feel comfortable recommending it for remote teaching and tutoring with Whizzimo because you are able to share both your screen and control of your mouse.

All participants should be on a Windows or Apple computer during sessions.  We do not directly support Chromebooks or iPads for remote tutoring as each machine may require specific set up. Chromebooks may be used if Chrome Remote Desktop is installed. View details here: 


For sharing mouse control, the view will vary by computer, but generally you will see something like the picture below where you click on "Remote Control" and then select the name of the person you want to share access with:


Test this our with a friend before starting with your student! The mouse will switch back and forth based on who made the last click.  If it your students turn to type or move a tile, be sure they click.  The green bar at the top will tell you when they have control of your screen and will turn yellow. 

Happy Teaching! 

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