Screen Sharing Issues in Zoom

If you are using Zoom for remote tutoring, it is important that when you share your screen that you select the "Screen" option highlighted by the green arrow below:


Selecting the "Screen" option and hitting the "Share" button will give your student the ability to see everything on your screen.

A few important notes:

  • You will still need to give your student "Remote Control" access after sharing your screen.  This requires that your student is using a computer.  Chromebooks and iPads do not work.  This is a Zoom limitation, not a Whizzimo limitation.  
  • Screen sharing and Remote Control work with both the Whizzimo downloadable app and through the Whizzimo website app.
  • can provide more support for screensharing and mouse control because those features are a part of their technology. Here's a link to one of their support pages that should help:
  • On Apple computers, here's an additional Zoom support link that should help.  Both teachers and students who are using Apple computers will need to follow these instructions:
  • If you are using the Whizzimo website app, there may be a Zoom tab that has opened in your browser that is now in front of the Whizzimo tab.  Please click on the Whizzimo tab as in the picture below to get back to Whizzimo.


  • mceclip1.png
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