Resetting Your Barton Tile Layout

If you are not seeing the correct tiles, you may need to reset the Barton Tile Layout back to the default settings. Here are the steps and a video :

  1. Click Sharing in the side bar.
  2. Select Import Collection 
  3. Enter the code c5raK9 and press Apply. 
  4. Go to Settings  in the side bar and select General. 
  5. Select Barton Tile Layout from the Save Settings menu. 

Tip: If you are seeing more than one Barton Tile Layout, use the first one at the top of the list to ensure you are getting the most recent copy. To remove any unneeded layouts, click the pencil icon and then choose delete saved setting. You can also rename your settings as needed from here. 

Here is a short video showing how to do this : 

Please let us know if you see anything out of place and we can fix it quickly!