Plan and Pricing Overview

Whizzimo has three paid plan level: Superhero Plus, Superhero, and Hero

All Whizzimo plans are currently educator (teacher/tutor) plans.  Students do not access Whizzimo directly. You share your content with them live either in person or through a web meeting. 

Superhero Plus ($99.99 per year) - provides unlimited access to all of Whizzimo's features.  This plan is best for educators working with multiple students or classes that are at different levels and is required for users of the Barton Remote Tutoring Program.

Superhero ($79.99 per year) - provides unlimited access to all of Whizzimo's activities but only allows an educator to have one course.  Each course provides a different way to lay out content.  Put differently, each course can be thought of as a scope and sequence.  This plan is best for educators who are only working with one student or who use the same exact content for all students.

Hero ($39.99 per year) - provides access to the following activities: Blackboard, Workbook Tiles, Wordcards, Timed Reading, Flashcards, Lettercards, and Spelling.  Additionally, Hero plan users can only have one course and up to 25 workbooks at any time.  This plan is best for users who only want to use Whizzimo's letter tiles to cover a small amount of content.

Demo (free) -   allows up to three workbooks, one course, and access to the Blackboard, Flashcards, and Wordcards activities.

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